5 of The Best Bourbon Bars in America are on The B-Line!

Cheers, y’all! The Bourbon Review recently published its annual list of “The Best Bourbon Bars in America” and once again FIVE of the stops along The B-Line are on the list! If you’ve had the pleasure of “finding your sipping point” at any of the five, you know they deserve their places. Our only quibble is the fact that so do some of the other B-Line stops! Maybe next year The Bourbon Review will realize it too.

Here are this year’s honorees:

Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar

okbb old kentucky bourbon bar

Step inside this gem of a bar in Mainstrasse Village in Covington, Kentucky for an authentic Kentucky bourbon experience. Be sure to check out the specials listed on their famous chalkboard.


Wiseguy Lounge

wiseguys bar

Just a few doors down the street from OKBB, you’ll find Wiseguy Lounge. That is, if you know to go inside Goodfellas Pizzeria, head for the back staircase and go up one floor. It’s tucked away like the speakeasies of old. With 250 bourbons to choose from, you’re sure to find a pour to enjoy.

5 of The Best Bourbon Bars in America are on The B-Line!

Bourbon Haus 1841

Just one block down Main Street from Wiseguys Lounge, you’ll find Bourbon Haus 1841. Whether you choose to sip outside on their charming patio, or with the new friends you’ll make at the bar, you’ll have a fun and refreshing time.

bourbon haus best bourbon bar in america

Prohibition Bourbon Bar

newberrybrosbourbontasting 89

The full name of this place of delicious business is Newberry Bros. Coffee and Prohibition Bourbon Bar and if you’re passing by too quickly you might not realize what you’re missing. Head on inside and take a gander at the bar with the world’s largest collection of bourbon.  This is just a small sample:

prohibition bourbon corner

Tousey House Tavern

tousey house exterior

Tousey House Tavern is down the road in Burlington, KY, in a beautiful Federal style home built in 1822. In addition to being one of “the best bourbon bars in America,” they also offer award-winning Southern cuisine, so you can have their famous Hot Brown or another delicious dish while finding your sipping point.

tousey house best bourbon bar