Brick by Brick, The Building of Augusta Distillery

Augusta Kentucky Streetscape with historic homes on the right and a slight view of the Ohio River on the left.

Located an hour east of Cincinnati, Augusta, Kentucky sits on the limestone shores of the Ohio River. This charming and picturesque town is filled with a rich history including classic American architecture, connections to the anti-slavery movement and the Underground Railroad, bourbon whiskey, and The Baker Bird Winery, which is the oldest commercial estate winery in the United States. While walking along the river walk or perusing through antique shops, you may also run into a celebrity or two. American television journalist, anchorman and game show host Nick Clooney and his son, actor and director George Clooney call Augusta home. Augusta’s people, appeal, and its proximity to 5 cities including Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, Indianapolis, Indiana and Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky, make this the ideal location to lay the foundation and roots of a distillery. Here a just a few of the reasons why you should make the drive and experience the Augusta Distillery.

Augusta Beauty Shots of the Buckners 15-year Single Barrel, Buckners 13-year Single Barrel and their River Proof series.

While we all enjoy a glass of iconic Kentucky bourbon, such as classic brands like Old Pogue and Buffalo Trace, don’t sleep on the new and growing distilleries located throughout Northern Kentucky! Like many of the distilleries located on The B-Line, Augusta Distilling is on the young side for a Kentucky distillery, but their bourbons are already winning awards. An excellent reason to experience The Augusta Distillery: their Buckner’s Limited edition 13-year Single Barrel bourbon received four medals including the highest-ranking double gold medals in the bourbon category from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Augusta Distilling also took home the Best of Class honors in the Bottled and Blended whiskey section for their Buckner’s 15-year Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Since their stellar performance at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, their brand is growing and can now be enjoyed by bourbon aficionados throughout the country.

Image is of 3 females getting bourbon out of the barrel and filling glasses.

Established in 2018, they began building their brand in Augusta and opened their first tasting room in 2022 at their 40,000 square foot facility that was formerly a carriage manufacturer.  Today, their facility is under construction but does offer fun and informative tours and barrel tastings. Interested in filling your own take home bottle with bourbon straight from the barrel? You can here!

Image is of inside the Augusta Distilling building with barrels as tables and chairs around them, the check out desk and merchandise.

While tasting their award-winning bourbons you can literally see the distillery coming to life around you. Just last week, they installed their long awaited 32 ½ feet tall, brass and copper still made locally in Louisville at Vendome Copper and Brass Works. You are witnessing all the hard work that goes into building a world-class distillery and what is to come. Future projects include an event space, outdoor patio, upstairs lounge, and a restaurant partnership with local restaurant, The Beehive. Each time I visit the distillery, something changes. It is neat to witness their journey, enthusiasm, perseverance, and love for their surrounding community.

The Beehive restaurant is on the left with a sunset over the Ohio River on the right.

I encourage you to make the trip to Augusta. Not just for the distillery, but also for the quiet ease and beauty that a small town offers, from the antique shops and general store to the exquisite Southern cuisine and delectable bourbon cocktails at The Beehive restaurant. Remember, both Augusta Distillery and The Beehive are stops here on The B-Line® so be sure to get your passport stamped when you visit!