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Exterior of The Globe in Covington, Ky.

Located in Covington, Kentucky’s downtown business district, The Globe bills itself as “a modern twist on Fifth.” Once home to Club Venus, a gentlemen’s club, Tony and Amy Milburn re-envisioned the space as a neighborhood bar. The Globe opened its doors at 12 East Fifth Street in 2016.

Image is of the interior seating area of the globe with black and white pictures on the wall, a couple of couches and tables and chairs.

The space was named after Tony’s great-great-grandfather A.L. Andrews, an entrepreneur who once owned Globe Galvanizing, a part of the Newport Rolling Mill/Andrews Steel Group. If you head to the back of the bar, you’ll notice a black-and-white framed photo from 1905 of Andrews on a boat with his sons unloading liquor for a party. Inscribed on the front of the vessel is the name that would resurface decades later: “GLOBE.”

“We wanted to keep the Milburn family history alive with The Globe,” says general manager Jessica Meyer. “That includes bringing as much bourbon history as possible in to the space. We have covered the walls with old family photos to include family and spirits together.”

The Globe Bar top

Equal parts warm and sleek, The Globe is a perfect place to grab a drink and cozy up to live music or friendly conversation. With over 200 bourbon varieties and several ryes, it’s no wonder the bar was named one of “America’s Best Bourbon Bars” in 2022 by The Bourbon Review. But its selection of craft cocktails doesn’t hurt, either. Offerings include Newton’s Law: redemption bourbon, allspice dram, calvados apple and black ice tea. There’s also a house Manhattan, negroni, makers mule and “filthy Margarita.” Or drink to history by ordering a Venus, a refreshing blend of cappelletti, lemon, honey, orange blossom water and prosecco.

the globe

Other cocktails include A Paper Plane; Pass the Buck; Aviation; and Ginger Appleseed. Along with cocktails, The Globe also offers light bites like olives, cheese boards and grilled sandwiches.

Whatever your choice, your fate rests in good hands. Meyer says Yogi, their bar manager, is a “bourbon extraordinaire,” while also noting that most bartenders along The B-Line® are amazing at their craft.

Image is of The Globes outdoor, side patio made up of a few tables and chairs and potted plants.

“We really see Covington as a community that embraces families as a whole,” says Meyer, “both in the spirits community and just generally. It’s a tight-knit community that comes together when needed to help its members. We become family by extension.”

That sentiment ties into The Globe’s emphasis on sourcing from fellow local businesses, from their bourbon to food down to fabricating their storefront sign. As their website puts it: “Local, legacy, libations –– that’s our thing.”

Wenzel Whiskey table set up for a whiskey blending experience.

The Milburns are also the minds behind Wenzel Whiskey, which Meyer describes as a bespoke bourbon blending room located at the intersection of Tobacco and Electric Alley behind The Globe. The event space is open to the public on Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons; drop in solo or with friends to try your hand at blending bourbon.

Thinking about stopping by The Globe? Make it your next happy hour destination; the bourbon bar offers happy hour deals Monday through Friday from 4-6 pm.

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