Find Your Sipping Point at Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar

At the beginning of 2020, we thought it would be fun to take you around every B-Line stop that serves cocktails (which is almost all of them) so you could “meet a mixologist” here on Northern Kentucky’s own bourbon tour.

We started off at Second Sight Spirits with Morgan Earley making magical concoctions,

Morgan Earley, bartender at Second Sight Spirits, offering the camera a cocktail with a close up shot next to it of the Half Moon cocktail.

Then watched in awe as Bill Whitlow, owner of Rich’s Proper Food & Drink, made us “One Last Smoke.”

Bill Whitlow, owner of Rich's Proper Food & Drink, pouring smoke into his creation, the One Last Smoke cocktail

Next, we headed to Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar to meet Lily Dean. Like all of the bars here on The B-Line, Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar, aka OKBB, is one of “The Best Bourbon Bars in America” according to The Bourbon Review.

More than 600 kinds of bourbon line the shelves behind the bar at the Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar

As soon as you see the collection of more than 600 kinds of bourbon, you will nod your head in agreement. And if you strike up a conversation with one of the extremely knowledgeable and very friendly bartenders, you’ll discover another reason why OKBB is a favorite watering hole for locals and visitors alike.

Customer at end of copper topped bar at OKBB with wall of bourbon behind the bar

Before we could write about our visit in March, COVID-19 swept through, shutting down the world and furloughing most of our staff. But some of us are back now, so we’re ready to write that overdue look inside Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar. Since times have changed though, we dropped in again to take some fresh photos. So this edition of “meet a mixologist” is kind of a spring and fall edition.

Lily Dean, master mixologist, offering one of her cocktails from behind the bar at OKBB

Back when we met Lily, it was March and the weather was beginning to loosen its icy cold grip, stirring dreams of balmy days, so she created some dazzling warm weather drinks for us.

A closeup of lemon colored jalapeno cocktail at okbb

This is a spicy number, flavored with jalapenos, and it was a wonderful blend of invigorating and refreshing.

Light red drink with lime, a trifecta, at old kentucky bourbon bar

This is the Trifecta, a perfect spring drink for those who like things sweet and light.


Lily also served us a pour of the Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar’s recent barrel pick at Wild Turkey. She had a guiding hand in choosing the barrel and her taste is excellent. It was delicious!

The OKBB sign hanging next to the front door in Mainstrasse Village

When we went back to OKBB on a gorgeous October afternoon, Todd was bartending.

Bartender Todd pouring apple pie moonshine at Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar

He made a cinnamony fall drink for us using local apple pie moonshine from the Villa Hillbillies.


Yum! A perfect combination of apple pie and cinnamon, laced with a touch of lemon.


The patio was open, as it always is in good weather, so we took our drink there. It’s such a cool, unexpected space. At the end of this alley, you’re here,

Hand holding up apple pie moonshine drink on the patio at Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar

If you’re ever near Mainstrasse Village in Covington, KY, make sure to drop by OKBB. Or even if you’re not near—because it is worth a trip! Cheers, y’all.