Five New Stops Added to The B-Line®

Happy National Bourbon Day!

Also – Happy Fifth Anniversary to The B-Line®! That’s right, y’all. Five years ago the team at meetNKY – the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau – launched NKY’s bourbon trail. The B-Line® is a tasty and unique collection of some of the best bourbon bars in America; 5 distilleries, each with their own fascinating story to tell, and all of which are also on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour®; and some of the finest bourbon-centered restaurants in the NKY and Cincy Region.

In the past years when we’ve added new stops to The B-Line (not every year has added some,) we’ve only added a couple at a time. For example, one new bar and one new restaurant. But this year, to celebrate our rich bourbon scene here in Northern Kentucky as well as our fifth anniversary, we decided to make it an extra-big party and are adding FIVE new stops to The B-Line.

Join us in welcoming these delicious new stops to The B-Line!


Pompilio’s Restaurant in Newport, Ky.

Pompilio’s Restaurant is a beloved local gem that exudes warmth and tradition. What sets Pompilio’s apart is its rich history and authentic Italian cuisine that has been delighting patrons for over 90 years. From their homemade pasta to their mouthwatering sauces, every dish is crafted with love and tradition. Pompilio’s combines exceptional flavors with a nostalgic ambiance, creating an unforgettable dining experience that captures the heart of Italy in the heart of Newport.

knowledge bar north interior hotel covington

Knowledge Bar and Social Room at North by Hotel Covington in Covington, Ky.

Stop in the elegant North by Hotel Covington for a drink at Knowledge Bar and Social Room. With its exquisite design, featuring rich textures and tasteful accents, this space exudes an undeniable allure. Bathed in soft, warm lighting, it creates an intimate atmosphere perfect for savoring handcrafted cocktails and engaging in captivating conversations.


Caproni’s Restaurant and Bar in Maysville, Ky.

Caproni’s Restaurant in Maysville, Kentucky is an off-the-beaten path culinary gem that beckons food enthusiasts from near and far. With its charming atmosphere and a menu that celebrates the flavors of Italy, Caproni’s is truly worth a visit. From their delectable pasta dishes to their extensive steak and seafood menu, every bite is a journey to culinary bliss. And their extensive bourbon list is sure to satisfy.

lisse steakhuis cincy skyline

Lisse Steakhuis in Covington, Ky.

Lisse Steakhuis was established in 2016 and conceptualized as a tribute to owner Hans Philippo’s hometown of Lisse in Holland. While holding true to a traditional American steakhouse menu, Lisse also highlights Dutch cuisine authentically by including an array of unique flavors and ingredients in their menu items, and off-menu featured items. And of course their bourbon collection is premium, offering over 100 top-shelf bourbons.

revival exterior

Revival Vintage Spirits and Bottle Shop in Covington, Ky.

Revival Vintage Spirits and Bottle Shop, nestled in the heart of Covington, Kentucky just a couple of blocks away from four other B-Line stops, is a captivating destination for connoisseurs of vintage libations. Revival offers a unique experience that takes patrons on a journey through time and taste. Although they specialize in vintage bourbons, Revival offers a wide variety of vintage spirits, including brandy, absinthe, scotch, tequila, rum, chartreuse, and more.

The knowledgeable staff at Revival Vintage Spirits is passionate about their craft, providing personalized recommendations and sharing fascinating tidbits about the spirits’ origins. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or a curious newcomer, they are always eager to guide you through their collection and help you discover your next liquid treasure. And Revival is a bottle shop so you can not only taste this delicious history there but take some home as well!

Have fun visiting these new stops and welcoming them to The B-Line!