Get Free Bourbon Swag on The B-Line®

Want to score some cool free bourbon swag? Do you like free t-shirts? How about a free hat or an engraved whiskey glass? If you do The B-Line®, we will send you some free bourbon swag of your choosing!

The B-Line is a self-guided bourbon tour in Northern Kentucky (just a bridge-walk away from Cincinnati, Ohio) comprised of Kentucky Bourbon Trail® distilleries, some of the Best Bourbon Bars in America according to The Bourbon Review, and restaurants with impressive bourbon selections as well as bourbon infused items on their menus.

Visit 2 of the distilleries, 2 of the bars, and 2 of the restaurants on The B-Line, check in with either a copy of the paper B-Line Line Guide (available at each stop) or on this handy digital version you can get on your phone, and we’ll send your free bourbon swag.

Here are the prizes you get to choose from:

b Line hat

The B-Line Hat

B Line rocks glass

The B-Line Engraved Whiskey Glass

B Line whiskey stones closer look

Engraved B-Line Whiskey Stones with Wood Box and Velvet Bag

b Line glen cairn closer

Engraved B-Line Glen Cairn

B-Line t-shirts! We have four to choose from, each with different designs on the front and smile-inducing quotes on the back. Here are The B-Line tees you can get:

To guys wearing B-Line t-shirts have a glass of bourbon in their hands and they are hitting each other's glass for a cheers.
A woman wearing a B-Line, light blue t-shirt that say's "Who cares if the glass is half empty as long as there's bourbon in it".
A woman wearing the light blue, B-Line t-shirt that has a north star with an N in it, on the right side, a thick line below the star and below the line is the state of Kentucky with an S in it.
B Line bourbon improves age front
A woman wearing a B-Line t-shirt, facing a way so you can see the back which say's "Bourbon improves with age. I improve with bourbon".
B Line pride tee morgan facingcloseup
b line pride tee back second sight barcloseup

To learn more about who is on The B-Line, check out our page all about each stop. Have fun enjoying unique bourbon experiences here on The B-Line and go get that free bourbon t-shirt, or hat, or engraved glass or whiskey stones!