Make a B-Line during Kentucky’s Edge

jessica hanson

Covington and Newport are the campus for Kentucky’s Edge, an immersive weekend of great bourbon, food, music, shopping and conversation including a conference, day tours, and more.  Lucky for festival go-ers, it’s located in the middle of The B-Line, Northern Kentucky’s immersive bourbon tour.

The wood privacy wall on the patio at Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar in Mainstrasse Village, hung with signs for 1792 and Buffalo Trace bourbon. People are drinking bourbon at black patio tables under a dark night sky.

Many of the stops on The B-Line are participating in Kentucky’s Edge by offering bourbon tastings, pairings, tours, and other experiences that we’ll outline below.  But while you’re here having some amazing bourbon, shopping at the artisan market, and rocking out to the free concerts, don’t forget to keep your Line Guide in tow so you can collect B-Line stamps and redeem for swag!

Girl in blue dress laughing while holding cocktail on patio at New Riff Distilling in Newport, Kentucky.

The festival is set up so attendees may customize their experiences based on interest, budget, time, etc.  So one person may choose to attend the free concerts and buy food and drink when they get there, and others may plan out every detail of the experience, benefiting from the special offerings of the festival that aren’t always available at each venue.  To make plans for experiences. Below is a run down of opportunities to participate in B-Line stops’ offerings during Kentucky’s Edge:

Exterior sign for Bouquet Restaurant, an upscale restauarant on the B-Line, located in Mainstrasse Village in Covington, Ky.

Dinner at Bouquet

Four-course, prix fixe dinner with bourbon cocktail pairings.  Details of the night’s menu can be found here, but trust us–you will never regret a meal at Bouquet.


Flight at OKBB

Now’s your chance to get in on the action of the rarest collection of vintage bourbons ever offered at Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar

Select Collection at OKBB

OKBB bourbon experts have specially selected single barrel bourbons from the finest distilleries in the Commonwealth.

Tasting Bourbon at Prohibition Bourbon Bar in Newport, Ky.

Michter’s Tasting at Newberry Bros. Prohibition Bourbon Bar

Join special guest Dan McKee, master distiller & vice president of production at Michter’s, for a tasting event at Prohibition Bourbon Bar.  

Weller Flight at Bourbon Haus 1841.

Pairing Class at Bourbon Haus 1841

Enjoy artisanal bacons, chocolates, and other lite bites that enhance your favorite bourbons at Bourbon Haus 1841

A blue sky full of white puffy clouds over the shiny blue building covered in windows of New Riff Distilling. The copper column still is visible through the glass.

Whiskey Experience at New Riff Distilling

Dive deep into the story and feel of New Riff and its whiskeys.  A whiskey expert will guide participants through an immersive sensory journey and interactive tasting. 

Kentucky Speedway Ride Along & Neeley Family Distillery Tour

Ride shotgun at over 150mph then take a tour of Neeley Family Distillery to help settle your nerves. 

Aging bourbon barrels stacked six rows high at Boone County Distilling Company in Northern Kentucky
Barrels aging at Boone County Distilling Co.

Boone County Distillery Tour with Transportation

Ride to Boone County Distilling in style and don’t sacrifice your tasting potential with this transportation and tour package.

The cover of the Line Guide for The B Line, the new Northern Kentucky Bourbon Trail

By our count, B-Line stops have enough events happening for you to almost make a complete B-Line during Kentucky’s Edge.  But almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, so pop into one more B-Line restaurant to round out your collection of two stamps from each category of bars, restaurants, and distilleries then submit your completed Line Guide for some sweet B-Line swag!