Meet The B-Line®: Second Sight Spirits

Second Sight Spirits Still

Where are Cassie (historian, sweet drinks only) and Dot (content creator, social butterfly) off to next you ask? It was a field trip day and we headed up the hill in Covington, Ky. and around the bend to the charming community of Ludlow, Kentucky to tour and sample the bourbon of Second Sights Spirits, a distillery on both The B-Line® and the official Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour®!

What can I tell you about the tour, but not give it all away? I’ll start with this. I have personally been on several distillery tours. I’ve been inside the laboratories of Maker’s Mark, learned about the history of Old Pogue, walked through the halls of the iconic Jameson Whiskey Distillery in Ireland and tasted Dewar’s Scotch Whiskey straight out of the barrel in the breathtaking Highlands of Scotland. While they have all been beautiful, informative, and fun, I never laughed so hard on a tour or heard stories that were more relatable and inspiring than at Second Sight Spirits. Their distillery proves you don’t have to have a large property with a blooming garden or a long, rich history, to create something with a bright future.

Second Sight Spirits Tour with owner Carus Waggoner as the guide.

We were greeted and given a tour by none other than the owners, Rick Couch and Carus Waggoner. Two best friends that have lived a life that seems like a plot straight out of a movie. They became best friends in high school right here in Northern Kentucky, graduated from college and after some twists and turns, they headed out west to work for Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas! With backgrounds in mechanical engineering and industrial design, they were approached by an eccentric millionaire to put together an enormous copper still. With no background in distilling, they tinkered and maybe ran into a misstep or two but figured it out. This was how they caught the distilling bug.   

They headed back home to NKY, where Rick and Carus set out on their quest for artisan distilling with a focus on local products. With the help from craigslist finds, bartering with the community for parts and labor, and good old fashion American ingenuity, these friends took an idea and made it a reality. Today their products include their signature Oak Eye Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, a variety of rums including Smoked Cherry Rum and Bourbon Barreled Rum, hazelnut liqueur, vodka, moonshine, and absinthe. They are proud to be a small business and have to smile on the occasions when they have a seat at a table filled with corporate giants.

Second Sight Spirits Tasting with a group sitting around while Carus is talking about the products.

The tour of the distillery, while compact, is well worth the visit. You won’t see a sprawling complex of old buildings and onsite rickhouse, but instead will hear relatable, funny stories about getting copper in exchange for bowls of soup, recycled parts, and much more. At the end of the tour, guests have an opportunity to sample their products including the Oak Eye Kentucky Bourbon, Hazelnut Liqueur and one of their rums. But wait, there’s more! I bet you haven’t been on many tours where after the official tasting they ask you, what else would you like to try? That’s right. At the end of the tasting, you get to sample something not previously offered.

Second Sight Spirits Bar with patrons sitting around it.

While the distillery itself is small, it’s both cozy and mystical. You feel like you stepped inside a vaudeville set that is about to film a séance. There’s lots of rich wood, golds, and even crystal balls on the tables! Head back to the spacious bar where you can order a tasty, crafted cocktail, bourbon, or coffee.

What We Drank

Second Sight Spirits Black Magic cocktail in a glass.

Black Magic

Audrey, one of the bartenders at Second Sight recently won the Cocktail Competition at the Bonded Spirit and Bluegrass Festival and I ordered the winning cocktail, Black Magic. Made with Second Sight Spirits’ Oak Eye Bourbon, egg white, an in-house blackberry, lavender, and ginger syrup, orange bitters, and lemon juice. Yum! It was sweet, floral and bourbon forward. I could taste why it won the competition.

Second Sight Spirits Rick of Destiny Drink

Rick of Destiny

Dot sampled this tasty and refreshing cocktail named in honor of owner Rick Couch. Made with Second Sight Spirits Spiced Rum, orange juice, cinnamon syrup, coconut cream and fresh nutmeg. She thought it was fruity and delicious.

Second Sight Spirits Stage with tables and chairs next to it.

Dot and I had a wonderful time. Second Sight Spirits’ products are delicious, the setting is cool, and the staff are friendly and engaging. Did I mention you can also get a sweet treat? They partner with locally owned North South Baking for pastries and offer a variety of coffee and tea.

Second Sight Spirits Fortuna fireplace.

I highly encourage you to stop in, take the tour and ask the goldfish a question about your future.

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