Meet The B-Line®: The Purple Poulet

The ladies are back at it again. Dot (co-worker, board game enthusiast, fashionista) and I continue with this edition of Meet the B-Line series at Newport’s Southern Bourbon Bistro, Purple Poulet.

Image of the bar top with a stained glass window that has a chicken in a top hat.

Situated at the corner of York Street and West 9th Street in Newport, Ky, the Purple Poulet has the Best Fried Chicken in Kentucky according to Southern Living. This warm and elegant bistro blends culinary flavors from Charleston and New Orleans with those of Kentucky, creating an unparallel Southern cuisine experience. Their bar features over 500 types of bourbon and rye with additional libations including whiskey, wine, beer and more.

Purple Poulet’s menu features a variety of Southern classics including Shrimp and Grits, Fried Chicken, Country Ham and more! Here is just a small taste of what you can find there.

What We Drank

Dot and I dabbled with the special cocktails this evening.

Purple Poulet Pink Bourbonade Cocktail with a lemon wedge on top.

Pink Bourbonade

I chose this light and refreshing cocktail made with strawberry lemonade and bourbon. It was a good balance of sweet without being too tart and paired well with the bourbon. Perfect for summertime sipping.

Purple Poulet Jim Bean Carmel Apple cocktail with a sugar rim.

Jim Beam Caramel Apple

The name speaks for itself. It literally tastes like a caramel apple in liquid form. It is sweet without being overpowering. Dot thoroughly enjoyed this cocktail.

What We Ate

Dot and I enjoyed one appetizer, one surprise palate cleanser, two entrées and of course we split a dessert. Please note that the portion sizes are generous. Both entrées that Dot and I ordered could have easily been split between two.

Purple Poulet Fried Green Tomatoes in a bowl, covered with cheese.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Fresh green tomatoes inside a fried biscuit crust with a creole sauce and cheddar-jack cheese melted on top. This appetizer was delicious. It delighted our senses with its blend of textures and flavors that were savory with a hint of tang.

A small scoop of Blood Orange Sorbet in a small glass goblet.

After scarfing down our appetizer, we were happily surprised to find out that when you order an appetizer, you receive a palate cleanser between courses. Held inside the most adorable glass cup was a scoop of blood orange sorbet. Yum! 

A plate with a waffle on the bottom, topped with a fried chicken wing, thigh and drumstick.

Fried Chicken and Waffle

Typically, when you order chicken and waffles off a menu, you will receive a waffle and usually one piece of chicken. Not at Purple Poulet. I received a sweet potato-bacon-cornbread waffle and half a chicken. Piled on top of the savory waffle drizzled with maple-bourbon syrup was a crispy, golden fried wing, drumstick, and thigh.

Seafood Melange on a plate, held together with a circle of cucumbers.

Seafood Mélange

How beautiful is this! Dot almost didn’t want to eat it. Almost. The Seafood Mélange features a variety of seafood including shrimp, with seasoned potatoes, a creole sauce, zucchini, and cheese. She loved the balance of flavors and textures and gave it a 10 out of 10.

A slice of 11-layer coconut cake on a plate with strawberry and cream drizzle and toasted coconut.

Coconut Cake

As soon as we sat down, Dot informed me that they have the best coconut cake around. So, when the server asked us if we saved room for dessert, we did indeed and it did not disappoint. If you are a fan of coconut, this 11-layer coconut cake was moist, sweet, and beautiful. They also have a variety of other house made desserts that are sure to dazzle your palate.

PP Dining Room

Purple Poulet is open Tuesday – Saturday from 5 PM – 9 PM with reservations encouraged. Located in the historic Green Derby building in Newport, Ky., their main dining room features tables and booths that can be specially reserved and additional dining rooms for private parties. Wanting to host a dinner with friends? Ask them about their “Gangster” party room as they pay homage to Newport’s Sin City history.

Overall, we had a fantastic experience and evening. The food was spectacular, the staff were friendly and provided us with great recommendations based on what types of food we like. We encourage you to treat yourself to a night out with friends and loved ones for dinner and drinks that are truly made with passion and love.

Need more B-Line in your life? I encourage you to check out all our blog posts featuring our B-Line stops and be sure to check out our B-Line calendar, highlighting bourbon-centric events. Until next time, go forth and explore our great region, one sip and bite at a time!