Nathan Usrey is First to Complete B-Line by Going to Every B-Line Stop

We’re thrilled to announce the first person to complete the B-Line bourbon tour by visiting every stop on The Line!

Nathan Usrey moved to Ohio a year ago from Bakersfield, California and found that bourbon culture was a great way to explore the area.

man and woman posing and smiling in front of bourbon barrels at boone county distilling in northern kentucky

“Bourbon is definitely helping me put down my American roots,” Usrey said.  “Visiting the various distilleries, bars, and restaurants on The B-Line has become an adventure in discovery which has led to new relationships and a deeper understanding of the best of the bourbon world.”

If you’re interested or even intrigued by bourbon, there’s no better way to find your tribe than to complete The B-Line.  Each stop has its own story, its own history, and its own unique tie-in to Kentucky bourbon country.

man with ball cap taking a selfie at old Pogue distilling in maysville ky

Of all the stops he visited, Usrey said The Old Pogue Distillery was his favorite.

“Their Rye made me buy!” he said.  “And I’m not a rye guy!”

man and woman smiling for selfie in front of wild turkey distillery

His biggest takeaway from his experience on The B-Line was the realization that excellent food exists in NKY. In fact, we have cuisine that rivals culinary giants like New York City and Los Angeles.  His favorite restaurants on The B-Line were Purple Poulet and Tousey House Tavern.

group of people smiling for selfie at buffalo trace distillery in frankfort kentucky

Not only was Usrey the first overachiever to submit an entirely full Line Guide, he also ventured deeper into bourbon country and visited other distilleries such as Buffalo Trace and Wild Turkey.

You can plan your own B-Line Weekend or even make a B-Line deeper into bourbon country by starting with our suggested itineraries.

As always, we hope you enjoy your bourbon like a true Kentuckian, responsibly.