New T-shirt Prizes Available on The B-Line®

Although we loved our original t-shirt design, 2023 marks the fifth year anniversary of The B-Line and we’re celebrating with free new t-shirts for you once you complete the Line!

(We’re also celebrating by adding FIVE new stops to The B-Line. Read about the new B-Line stops here.)

Our original t-shirt prize offered only one design. We’re happy to announce that now when you finish The B-Line, you can pick from the following four designs. Each t-shirt has a unique design on the front, and a different joke on the back.

b line shirt pride only staight thing front

b line shirt pride only straight thing back

The B-Line’s Pride t-shirt

The joke reads, “My Bourbon is the Only Straight Thing about Me.”

B Line bourbon improves age front
b line bourbon improves age back

On this new t-shirt the joke says, “Bourbon Improves with Age. I Improve with Bourbon.”

b line shirt glass half empty front
b line shirt glass half empty back

This joke is, “Who Cares if the Glass is Half-Empty as Long as There’s Bourbon in it.”

B Line shirt glass of bourbon to ear front and back

And the last new t-shirt reads, “If You Hold a Glass of Bourbon to your Ear, You Can Hear the Weekend.”

Enjoy finding your sipping point on The B-Line and enjoy these new t-shirt prizes to choose from once you complete it. We still also have The B-Line hats, whiskey stones, engraved glen cairns, and marble coasters as free prizes.

Remember, if you’ve already completed The B-Line, you’re welcome to do it again for a new free prize. Just check in on your Line Guide at 2 bars, 2 distilleries, and 2 of the restaurants on the Line.