Our Best Bourbon Jokes 2023

The B-Line’s fans and followers enjoy a good sip of bourbon and they love a good laugh. Some of our most popular social media posts on The B-Line Facebook and B-Line Instagram are the bourbon jokes we share. Here are the best bourbon jokes 2023 edition – the posts that got the most comments, shares, and likes. As we say here on our Northern Kentucky bourbon tour, “Cheers, y’all!”

I'd rather be someone's shot of Bourbon than everyone's cup of tea.
You can buy cheaper bourbon but then you'd have to drink it
Stop saying I'm hard to shop for. You know where the liquor store is.
Money can't buy happiness. Just kidding yes it can, go buy a bottle of bourbon.
I ran twice today. First I ran out of bourbon and then I ran to get some more.
They say laughter is the best medicine, but have they tried bourbon?
Bourbon. It may not be the answer but it's worth a shot.

Happy New Year! Hope you enjoyed our Best Bourbon Jokes 2023. And hope to see you soon here on The B-Line. In case you’re new around here and wondering what this self-guided bourbon tour is all about, how to do it, check out our Do the Line page. And here’s the page about all The B-Line stops.