Sipping Bourbon on The B-Line Patios

Patio season is in full swing here in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati region. Do you enjoy eating under the stars? Or kicking back on a bustling city street to people-watch as you sip bourbon? Some B-Line patios feel like hidden secrets known only to a select few (although everyone is welcome). Other B-Line patios will make you feel like you’re part of a friendly family. Take a look!

Prohibition bourbon bar patio at night with lights strung over it

Prohibition Bourbon Bar

The world’s largest selection of bourbon is tucked away in the glorious bar at Newberry Bros. Coffee and Prohibition Bourbon Bar, behind one of Newport, Ky.’s most charming patios.  If you’re a newcomer or visiting from out of town, the Newberrys will make you feel so welcome it’s like meeting up with friends.

tousey house summer patio

Tousey House Tavern

If you’re in the mood for something farther away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Cincinnati, head out to Burlington, Kentucky to enjoy one of Tousey House’s famous Hot Browns or sip from their impressive bourbon selection on their beautiful patio. They recently made it an all-weather one, with sipping under the sky possibilities, or under a roof to protect you from the elements.

A bourbon flight up close on the pation at Bourbon Haus bourbon bar in Mainstrasse Village. Lots of people on the street in the background in front of Bouquet Restaurant.

Bourbon Haus 1841

Do you love to people-watch? Then Bourbon Haus 1841 has the perfect patio for you! Take in the sights of charming Mainstrasse Village, registered as a National Historic District, as you relax with one of their amazing cocktails or sip from their vast choices of bourbon.

The Globe

Or if you’d rather enjoy a quieter moment, The Globe offers a quiet nook in the middle of Covington’s downtown business district. Just step off the busy street and head down this quiet path.  Knowledgeable and friendly bartenders await in this sleek, urban neighborhood hangout.

Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar

Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar, affectionately known as OKBB, is famous for its breathtaking wall of bourbon choices, but they also have a lesser-known gem of a patio out back. If you make it past their fabulous bar, you can enjoy your cocktail in this oasis.

Wiseguy Lounge – Mainstrasse Village

Speaking of hidden-away gems, many people who enjoy stopping at Goodfellas Pizza in Mainstrasse Village are unaware that above their heads is an old-time speakeasy: Wiseguy Lounge. If you find this impressive bar on The B-Line, you can also find your sipping point on their lovely patio.

The spacious patio at Coppin's restaurant at the Hotel Covington as seen from above

Coppin’s Restaurant at the Hotel Covington

A favorite sipping point for Northern Kentucky and Cincy locals, you’ll find the patio of Coppin’s Restaurant at the award-winning Hotel Covington. You can sip under the sun or stars, or drop by on one of the evenings they offer live entertainment or a movie showing.

Row of bourbon, including Weller and EH Taylor, on a patio table at Rich's with downtown Covington in the background

Rich’s Proper Food & Drink

On the opposite street corner from Coppin’s, you’ll find Rich’s, and their spacious patio, with covered tables on both Madison Avenue and Seventh Street. This spot on The B-Line is located in the heart of downtown Covington, Ky. It’s fun to sip outside and watch folks headed to all the fun places in this newly revitalized city.

libbys patio cheerwine slush closeup

Libby’s Southern Comfort

Libby’s, also located in Covington, Ky. is just one block away from both Rich’s and Coppin’s. It’s on 8th Street, just behind Braxton Brewing Co. Libby’s is one of the newest stops here on The B-Line. You can enjoy one of their famous Cheerwine bourbon slushes on the large, covered patio in all seasons.

Three spirits outdoor seating

Three Spirits Tavern

Three Spirits Tavern, also newly added to The B-Line, is located in Bellevue, Ky., a ten-minute drive from downtown Cincy. They have a huge patio that feels like a beautiful yard at someone’s home. Someone with an astonishing bourbon collection! Please note, as of this writing they’re working on some additions to the patio–check ahead for availability.

smoke justis patio

Smoke Justis

Choose from over 500 bourbons and sip outside, at the foot of the Roebling Suspension Bridge, at Smoke Justis, another new-to-The B-Line spot! Named for a pitcher for the long-gone Covington Blue Sox, Smoke Justis is one of the most popular sports bars in Covington. There are speakers outside on the patio to make sure you don’t miss a moment of the game.

beehive photo

Beehive Augusta Tavern

The Beehive Augusta Tavern is on the banks of the Ohio river in Augusta, Ky. It’s a beautifully scenic, one hour drive from downtown Cincinnati, and has some of the prettiest patio views. Augusta is just a hop and a skip away from Maysville, so you could also make plans to check in at B-Line stop The Old Pogue Distillery.

Cheers y’all! Hope to join you on one of these delightful patios soon or see you at any of the stops here on The B-Line!