Pedal Wagon Covington Adds Bourbon!

Blue skies over Mainstrasse Village in Covington with the Pedal Wagon Bourbon Tour

Pedal Wagon Covington launched their fun, people powered rides here in Northern Kentucky in April, 2018.  They’ve been popular out of the gate, so much so, they’re adding a new wagon this year. We’re excited to announce that’s not all they’re adding. Now you can plan a “Bourbon Cruise” on the Pedal Wagon here at the Edge of the Bourbon State.

Bourbon cocktail toast at Bourbon Haus 1841 on The B-Line by someone wearing a Pedal Wagon Covington t-shirt

The Pedal Wagon Covington “Bourbon Cruise” will travel to many stops here on The B-Line, so it will be an easy ride toward getting your B-Line Guide stamped and earning your free bourbon swag from us!

Here’s the lineup:

➢ Bourbon Haus 1841
➢ Coppin’s at Hotel Covington
➢ Wiseguy Lounge
➢ The Globe
➢ Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar
➢ Neat at Embassy Suites
➢ Smoke Justis

Stuart Naeny, Pedal Wagon co-owner says, “It’s been an incredible first year in Covington and we can’t wait to show people what the Bourbon State is all about with this new cruise. We’re always looking for unique ways to highlight what makes Covington stand out and are excited to be able to offer this one-of-a-kind bourbon experience. We’ve been able to partner with an incredible group of bars and restaurants in the Covington area and are looking forward to catering to those who want to experience a part of what makes this area so special.”

We can’t wait to go for a pedaling ride! What a fun way to “find your sipping point.” If you’re ready to book your own Pedal Wagon Covington Bourbon Cruise, just follow this here link. 

A row of bourbon cocktails on the bar at Coppin's at Hotel Covington on The B-Line in NKY