Rich’s Proper Food & Drink

Rich’s Proper Food and Drink  brings a “proper” touch of service to a casual, yet cozy, atmosphere.  The service is led by experienced bartenders who first guide guests through an array of craft cocktails, craft beer, curated wines, and an expansive bourbon collection.  Rich’s Proper was recently named one of The Bourbon Review’s Top 100 Bourbon Bars in America. The food at Rich’s is a casual take on Southern-Fusion and Seafood. While Rich’s takes pride in their fresh selection of Raw Oysters, the kitchen is also known for their award-winning Bluegrass Jambalaya, and Mac and Cheese Egg Rolls. Rich’s imaginative menu is designed with community in mind using many of our local businesses as sources for our ingredients. We “Love the Cov” and are proud residents of our city.

Owner Bill Whitlow started behind the bar at the age of 16. Barbacking through high school, he developed a strong introduction to the industry and continued to learn from his experiences. Bartending from the age of 20 years old, Bill has continued to pursue growth learning with every opportunity since. In 2011, he began working at the illustrious Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, Ky., which enhanced his perception and encouraged Bill to pursue leadership roles in the industry. Bill then helped develop the Wiseguy Lounge brand for Goodfellas Pizzeria.  Five years, four locations in four cities later, Bill finally decided to step out on his own and opened Rich’s Proper Food & Drink in 2018 in the Madison District of Covington, Ky.