Smoke Justis

Smoke Justis – Smooth Bourbon, Smoked Meats

Named after a legendary fast pitcher, Smoke Justis prefers slow pours of Kentucky bourbon.
Just a few short steps from the Ohio River, a most unusual venue welcomes visitors with what they like
to call a “Kentucky hug” – a remarkable selection of fine bourbon and savory smoked meats in an
historic location.

Smoke Justis is the perfect place to experience legendary Kentucky hospitality, highlighted by more than
500 bourbon labels and special single barrel releases, as well as a lineup of tender meats and live music.
The bourbon lounge has been designed to offer a unique experience and also hosts special bourbon
club nights. To whet your appetite, one of Smoke Justis’s most popular menu items is the smoked meat
plate, which offers a choice of smoked brisket, pulled pork, baby back ribs, turkey, chicken or sausage.
All smoked to perfection, and teamed with 2 sides. You hungry yet?

Residing in the historic Citizens Telephone Building featuring celebrated views of the Roebling Bridge
and the Cincinnati skyline, there’s no better place to celebrate the best that Kentucky offers. But there’s
another aspect of the Smoke Justis experience that gives it a one-of-a-kind, historic appeal.

In addition to bourbon and barbecue, the restaurant honors the short-lived Covington Blue Sox
professional baseball team, founded in 1913, which played their games at Federal Park in the heart of
Covington, a couple blocks from the restaurant. The Blues were led by a flame-throwin’ young kid from
Indiana, Walter “Smoke” Justis. A player known for his eccentricities in equal measure to his athleticism
– he was known to wear women’s’ pantyhose under his uniform – Justis eventually pitched five no-
hitters, a minor league record that stands today.