The Globe

The space at 12 East 5th Street in Covington, which now houses the Globe, was for many, many years a gentlemen’s Club. In 2016 Tony and Amy Milburn decided to turn the space into something more inclusive and more community-based. They decided to turn into a true neighborhood bar.

They wanted the bar to have a real sense of history and to be very personal to them. When deciding on a name and a tone for the bar they started retelling family stories and settled on the story of Tony’s Great, Great-Grandfather, A. L. Andrews.

A.L. was a Kentucky entrepreneur, one of his ventures was Globe Galvanizing, which was in Newport, and part of the Newport Rolling Mill/Andrews Steel Group.

The Globe believes in being good neighbors and in sourcing locally as much as possible. They offers a wide array of Kentucky and regional craft beers and spirits.

Local, legacy, libations – that’s their thing.