Take a Peek into Bourbon History at Revival Vintage Spirits in Covington, Ky.

0529 Covington CFB C1253

Little did you know that one of the most amazing “libraries” of vintage spirits is located in Covington, Kentucky. Revival Vintage Spirits and Bottle Shop in the charming Madison District of downtown Covington is a walk through Bourbon history. Like other vintage or “dusty” whiskey spots, you can get an eyeball full of amazing stories about the history of America’s Native Spirit. Happily though, unlike other vintage bourbon libraries and museums, you can taste the history at Revival.

revival exterior

Built with an unassuming façade in Covington, you would never guess that some of the world’s most storied brands are on display in this shop. The real magic happens with a seating at their tasting bar. Let some of the best educated dusty hunters in the world show you what Bourbon used to be. Maybe sip on a 1954 Old Granddad or a 1964 Old Crow Chessman piece for a fraction of the cost that you would pay at similar tasting bars in Chicago, New York or London.

revival decanters

The real delight at Revival Vintage Spirits is spending time with Brad “Dusty” Bonds to experience his vision for this bourbon attraction– which is where Antique Roadshow meets Pawn Stars. Bonds’ love for vintage bourbons began at an early age, when his precocious 15 year-old palate secretly tasted his parents’ bottle of 1975 Maker’s Mark. After decades of bourbon tasting, he firmly believes that the best bourbons have already been made, so he is buying those bourbons from the public through estate sales, family collections and more and selling them back to the public for consumption.

revival bottles

The experience at Revival is always evolving as new/old bottles make an appearance and are added to their special tasting showcase. There are price points for every palate as each tasting is curated on the spot from their selection and you can experience up to 4 1/2 oz. pours at one tasting. They always offer a special Vintage Bourbon of the Day and it is wonderful way to experience these special selections not found anywhere else in America. And who knows, you may leave with your own bottle of history, since Revival is also a bottle shop.

Revival Vintage Spirits and Bottle Shop is a great addition to any B-Line experience while visiting Covington, Newport or any city in the Cincy Region. Cheers!