The B-Line Stop Prohibition Bourbon Bar Hosts Jimmy Russell

On a special night, in a special place, this Bourbon Baby got a chance of a lifetime to meet and spend some quality sipping time with Bourbon Legend, Jimmy Russell, the Master Distiller for iconic bourbon brand, Wild Turkey.

We are so blessed in Northern Kentucky to have so many incredible bourbon venues that host amazing events. Newberry Bros. Coffee & Prohibition Bourbon Bar in Newport, KY recently hosted a special tasting event with Mr. Jimmy Russell and it did not disappoint.

Mr. Russell arrived at the bar around 5:30 that evening and proceeded to take a seat behind with bar with the Bourbon Barrister himself, Mr. Peter Newberry, owner/bartender extraordinaire.

It was a marvelous time to listen to Jimmy explain his love of bourbon and the wisdom he has gathered with 80+ years in the business. Of course, someone had to ask if he had a favorite of his bourbons. He paused to think about that and stroked his chin. With a grin he asked the cheeky questioner if he had children. “Yes, I have three.” Jimmy laughed and asked if any of them where his favorite child. “Of course not, I love them all equally.” Jimmy laughed again and said, “So do I.”

I will admit we still have not quite solved the reason that all rye whiskey labels are green but we had a fun time imaging why.

After about an hour behind the bar, Jimmy led a small and intimate group through a carefully curated tasting of his bourbons that had everyone enthralled.


It is not every day that you get to meet a true Bourbon legend, share a drink and have a laugh with him but this is something that happens more than you know at the amazing Prohibition Bourbon Bar on The B-Line. Stay close to the B-There event calendar to find out more about these great opportunities and always make sure to find your sipping point like a true Kentuckian – responsibly!